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Also search by agency name. About licenses: US Government Work (essentially Public Domain),
but may require attribution to photographer or agency; Creative Commons CC BY (attribution); 
CC BY-NC (attribution noncommercial); or CC BY-ND (attribution no derivatives).

U.S. Works & Copyright Discussion of how works may be used without restriction, the exceptions for how you may use works, and links to additional resources. Look for the creator and expect you'll have to attribute U.S. government works, including those in the public domain.  
Agricultural Research Service Public domain images from the research arm of the US Department of Agriculture.  
Antarctic Program Federal, public domain, attribution required.  
Army Images Public domain media from the US Army, credit of source "appreciated"; much is public domain, many videos CC BYMedia depicting personnel for editorial use only, no commercial use; commercial use of other media must be approved by DoD and meet criteria listed on FAQ page.  
Bureau of Land Management Public domain image gallery of the Bureau of Land Management. Credit: Bureau of Land Management, or BLM/Photo By ____ (if known), or BLM/State or Field Office (if known). Image library details exact use. Thousands of photos also available under a CC-BY license on their Flickr page.  
Department of Energy - Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Links to tech, historical, and research photos from National laboratories. Government-created works are in the public domain, attribute as noted. Because the labs are run by contractors, those works may be protected by copyright. Credit: Either the photographer or lab as noted. Flickr-based images are CC BY-NC at a minimum. Some also CC No Derivatives or CC ShareAlike.  
Department of Energy Photo Galleries News and blog photos for community and environmental programs. Attribute as noted on photo.  
Fish & Wildlife - National Digital Library Public domain images, video (including b-rolls), and audio from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Request that users give credit to the photographer/videographer or creator and to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, e.g., Credit: Jane Doe/USFWS.  
Library of Congress Copyrighted and no known copyright restrictions (for which you can make public domain assessment); several catalogs and special collections. See Assessing the Risk for guidance on using works with "no known copyright restrictions."
NOAA Art Gallery Public domain images and drawings from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  
National Archives Vast majority public domain, links to Presidential libraries.  
National Digital Library Public domain images and media from Fish & Wildlife Service  
National Gallery of Art - Images Public domain digital images from NGA collections; hi-res  
NPS - Digital Image Archives National Park Service images, video, audio, and web cams. Multimedia credited to NPS without any copyright symbol are public domain; pay attention to protected works marked © or other credits.  
NPS Historic Photos Collection National Park Service historic photos collection search page. Many are probably public domain, but NPS makes no attempt at identification. See Copyright of Archival Collections for details.  
National Science Foundation Mix of public domain media with NSF credit and other media with creator credit intended for personal, educational, and nonprofit/non-commercial use only. Must include credit for all media.  
Smithsonian Institution Encourages personal, educational uses, much content is also listed as No Known Copyright Restrictions. Must give attribution to SI and link to site as source when possible.  
U.S. Geological Survey Two hundred-year-old collection of wildlife, landscape, and technology photos and illustrations. Also includes dozens of webcams. Most public domain. Those marked copyrighted require permission from copyright holder. Credit required for public domain works: [Photograph] courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey. Information Policies details exact use. Audio and video also available.