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Vector and Web Art

123 Free Vectors Free for commercial use their collection of vector images, backgrounds, and Adobe Illustrator brushes. To easily view what's available, click All Free Download or scroll down and then click Vector by Category or Backgrounds. About details exact use.  
3D Export-Free Models Free subset of user-uploaded content. Be aware that some models are of trademarked content.  
Alexandru Stoicas UI/UX designer who offers 1800 minimal icons CC BY-NC-ND. Public domain clip art; many from vectorized uploaded photos. Many photos PD. Be sure to check Terms of Use for exact usage details.  
Designermill Design Freebies Free Illustrator icon sets. Designermill is not fastidious about checking whether source work is CC licensed, so be sure to check. Icons and vector art available under Free, Regular, and Extended use licensing plans. Content used under the Free plan has significant restrictions (e.g, no derivatives, publicly accessible web site or delivery platform, link backs required, etc.). Be very careful when scrolling through search results; they are constantly interspersed with iStock advertising search results. Terms of Use explains each licensing agreement; Free Licensing Agreement details use.  FAQ details licensing terms.  
FG-A Personal and commercial use; animated GIFs; attribution required. Icons uploaded by artists for personal and commercial use. Users cannot use the content in trademark or logos. Users can select a free plan, but must attribute icons to the author. Fee-based plans do not require attribution.  Search by keyword or category. Associated with Freepik. Vector, photo, PSD files, and SVG icons. They created some vector art, vast majority of works pulled from third-party sources, so be sure to check the source site terms. Personal and commercial use. Terms of Use details exact use. GIS-generated world maps. Commercial use with attribution "Maps by," and link back to Be sure to check Terms of Use and FAQ for exact usage details.  
Free Photos & Clipart All for personal & educational, some commercial Free contemporary illustrations for commercial use with attribution license. Other licenses available.  
Iconfinder Subset of free commercial use icons from fee-based Iconfinder. Offers CC icons and other open-access licenses. In search results, click Free price tab. Some contributors require link back, so be sure to read individual terms of use. Can also use Free Icons page, but there's no search function. Terms of service details exact use.  
Iconshock Commercial icons; link for free packs that allow commercial use  
IM Button Maker Free-to-use commercial online button generator. Part of free subset of Imcreator. Can adjust size and style (somewhat), font, roundness of rectangle, and colors. Can download image or CSS.  
IM Creator - Icons Free-to-use commercial icons. Part of free subset of Imcreator. Can download AI, PNG, or PSD files.  
Keep Designing Personal and commercial use; other uses by permission.  
Material Icons Open source system and other icons from Google (Apache License Version 2.0) for Android and iOS. Suggested attribution in app About screen: Material Icons.  
OpenGameArt High quality GNU (GNU Public Licenseand Creative Commons-licensed or open source art for game developers. Some works are CC0, but be mindful of CC Attribution-Share Alike and GNU licenses that require you to release your work under the same license. FAQ details exact use.  
Premium Pixels Free to use icons and mockups. Attribution not required but appreciated: .  
Public-Domain-Photos-Clipart Over 8,000 public domain vectors. Provides both search and categories.  
Reusable Art Over 3,000 public domain illustrations, some hundreds of years old. Mostly birds, borders, and vignettes. Provides both search and categories. About details copyright details and an articulate mission statement.  
School Clip Art Very small educational use-only gifs, many images refelct old tech. Does not promote diversity - 99.9% of people are Caucasian or show women in sterotypical jobs; some images culturally insensitive or demeaning. Credit and link back to Feeds to mother site, the fee-based Graphics Factory.  
Swifticons - Freebies Sets of free icons from fee-based company. Small set of tech color icons here. Cannot use for resale, print on demand, and in a demeaning or defamatory way. Full License terms details exact use.  
The Noun Project Tens of thousands of public domain and Creative Commons-Attribution icons; modest and tiered licensing fees available if you want to use CC work without having to attribute; must sign up for any downloads.  
Vector Portal Most are OK for commercial use (including trademark) but they suggest you contact creator directly. Images depicting celebrities (People section) and brands (Sports logos), are definitely not OK for commercial use. Copyright and FAQ detail exact use.   
VectorStock Some free, mainly fee-based paid with credits.
WorldMap Free Clipart Free clipart, some restrictions.  Attribution not required but link back or "Clipart provided by:" preferred.