Photographs & Images Hi-res public domain CC0 and CC BY photos from European photographers. No model releases. Search by text box or category. For online use, credit Image by For print, requested credit Image by alegri / Terms detail exact use.   
55mm Public domain CC0 photos for personal and commercial use, small collection. Note that they indicate "most" are CC0. No model releases. No search. About and License & Legal detail exact use.   
Aarin Personal and commercial use. See Terms for exact use. Be sure to click arrows at top of each gallery. Credit: "©" or "images courtesy of"       
AllTheFreeStock Compilation of stock photo, music, video, and mockups that appears to be part of site owner's marketing effort. The site misidentifies Creative Commons licenses or lists incomplete information. Perform very rigorous due diligence if you select any media.  
AMG Media Lo-res photos for web and personal use; other uses unclear. Credit: mest von Rosen, Large collection divided into categories; non-commercial use; commercial use if requirements met. Credit: Place a link to the bigfoto website. If you don't have a website or blog, click their Facebook Like or Twitter button. Public domain CC0 images submitted by site owner and his uncle; based in Germany. Search by category or text box. Photo results include metadata, and a rudimentary HEX color chip search. About and Licenses detail exact use. Small PayPal cup of coffee donations welcomed.  
CAL Photos Images of plants, animals, people, and landscapes available for personal and educational use. Images uploaded for both personal and commercial use by selected group of photographers based in Italy. Hi res images available. Category and text search. No information about model releases. FAQ details exact use. Credit required:
Creative Commons-Search Links to sites with Creative Commons search tools. According to CC: Do not assume that the results displayed in this search portal are under a CC license. You should always verify that the work is actually under a CC license by following the link. Be aware that commercial search results will include CC-ShareAlike.  
DHD Multimedia Gallery Personal and commercial use of images, photographs, video, clipart, and sound; based in Britain.  
Death to the Stock Photo Copyright-protected images assigned to user for personal and commercial use. You must distribute their license with your adaptation and you cannot add additional restrictions or terms. Must sign up for free emails of photos sent by email. Photograph End User License details exact use. Model releases obtained.  
Earth Science World Image Bank Vast searchable photos from American Geosciences Institute. Personal and educational use only. Images Use details what they consider commercial use. Photo search engine containing thousands of public domain, CC, and open-access images from Flickr, freerangestock, imageafter, morgueFile, NASA, Photl, RGBStock, freeimages (stock.xchng), Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia, and LandStat 7 satellite sites. Based in Canada and collected from ~2006-2011, so not current. Excellent search and license filters on Advanced Search. About details exact use. Search engine for European culture in music, photography, art, and fashion. Each item lists copyright status, many CC0. Text search, collections, and Explore menu are excellent. Can search text, images, video, sound and 3D. Terms & Policies details exact use.  
FFCU Free For Commercial Use - German-based public domain CC0 photos for personal and commercial use. No model release information, but most photos of people are not recognizable. Can search by keyword and browse categories. About and FAQ detail exact use. Photo sharing; search by Creative Commons license  
  --The Commons at Public domain images from dozens of museums, libraries, centers, and archives  
  --Library of Congress Stream at Selection of public domain images from the Library of Congress.  
  --Smithsonian Stream at Selection of public domain images from the Smithsonian. Personal and commercial use. Small group of photographers, no model releases. See Legal for exact details. Artistic and staged food photos, free for personal and commercial use. No model or property releases, some photos contain trademarked products/logos, which can affect commercial use. No attribution required, but preferred for commercial WordPress themes and web templates. Some prohibited uses. See Terms for exact details. Food-only photos, all CC0. No model or property releases, some photos contain trademarked products, which can affect commercial use. No attribution required, but suggest ‘Photo by x’ with a link back to photographer's Foodiesfeed page. See License for exact details. Searches for Creative Commons and The Commons (no known copyright restrictions) content. Can filter for commercial use, but be aware results may include ND and SA licenses. Must contact photographer for model release, which may not exist. WordPress plugin available. Free signup.  
Fotolia Free Images of the Week Fee-based stock photo, vector, and video site posts a few free photos for download every week. Must sign up for account. No search for free images. Based in Britain.  
Fourmilab Switzerland Public domain photos from the host. Based in Switzerland. Personal and commercial use; free for low-res; license fee for hi-res; must include credit to artist and They note model release info but People section lacks diversity. Images offered for students, non-commercial and private use under a CC BY-NC-ND license, plus a link back to site or image page. Images also available through embed. Fee charged for hi res and commercial use; tiered fees for nonprofit, and educational institutions. Search by category or text. Based in Britain, does not appear to have been updated for a few years. Explanations and access to watermark-free images cumbersome at best. Free Use Rules details use; do not confuse with Commercial Use terms, which pertain to fee-based commercial images. Personal and commercial use. User accepts all liability. No search capability, no images of people. Review the User License for exact details.  
International photo sharing; hundreds of thousands of images; photographer may require notification of use and credit. No credit required for commercial use, but for editorial use, include credit adjacent to content or in credits: "'s Member Name." Content Licence Agreement details exact use. Used to be stockxchng, now owned by Getty. Personal use; other uses unclear; based in Britain.  
FreeMediaGoo Hi-res images uploaded by site creators. Personal and commercial use. Categories provided but no search.  Terms of use details exact use. Link back or credit suggested, but not required.  
FreePhotosBank Personal and commercial use. Vector, photo, PSD files, and SVG icons. They created some vector art, vast majority of works pulled from third-party sources, so be sure to check the source site terms. Personal and commercial use. Terms of Use details exact use. Personal and commercial use, but no guaranteed warranties and no model releases. Must include credit to Terms of Use details exact use, such as no use in trademarks or patents.
Free Range Stock Photos Commercial and non-commercial use; must sign up. When possible, credit image "Photos courtesy of and copyright Free Range Stock (or, and/or the photographer's name. Licensing details exact use. Public domain CC0 images for personal and commercial use, photographers based in Poland. Search by keyword and category. Attribution requested but not required. No info on whether model releases have been obtained. Licensing/Terms of Use and FAQ detail exact use. Personal and commercial use; based in Britain. Large annoying watermark is required and not removable.  Terms of use details exact use.  
Gaia Dream Creation Personal and non-commercial use.  
Getrefe-Free Photos Mainly mobile user-uploaded royalty-free stock photography site with a Free Photos section. Based in Lithuania. Personal and commercial use, themes and templates also allowed. Check License for full details. Model releases not mentioned.  
Getty Embed Images Millions of free, non-watermarked photos available for editorial and noncommercial use provided users include embed code. Photo use subject to change at Getty's discretion; metadata allows Getty to track where and how photos are being used, and reserves the right to display advertisements. Check FAQ  and Terms of Use for full details. Take care not to confuse with Getty Open Content, whose collection is in the public domain.  
Getty Open Content Programs-Search Hundreds of thousands of public domain digital images of paintings, illustrations, and photos from various Getty collections; 300dpi minimum. Be sure Open Content Images is selected as filter when searching. Open Content works display Download button beneath image. Must attribute works as: Digital image courtesy of the Getty's Open Content Program. See About for complete details.   
GIMP-Savvy Photo Archive Public domain images from various sources. GNU Image Manipulation Program is a free open source application for creating and manipulating graphic images.  
Good Free Photos Photos taken by Wisconsin photographer released into public domain, but no model releases. Suggested attribution to Search and categories provided. Some unique collections, such as fossils and crystals. Offers a photo request option. Terms and Legal Stuff details exact use. Photographer photos released with CC0 license. Contact for specific model release info. Suggest attribution to License details exact use.  
Images of Empowerment Getty-supplied 1,400 CC-BY-NC licensed photos of diverse narratives of working women globally. See Licensing for exact details and links for commercial use.  
Imageafter Photos and textures uploaded by contributors; personal and commercial use. Search by category or text. They encourage photographers to obtain property releases, but no guarantee. Terms of Use details exact use. Free commercial subset of site's photos, some web templates, and icons. Many photos are labeled Creative Commons, but be sure to click photo to see which license. Photos link to Flickr CC BY, ND, and SA content; results severly skew toward white, male, young, thin. Can search by category or text box. Be very careful about commercial use of the free content where model releases, publicity rights, and trademarks are germane.  

ImageBase (David Niblack) Personal and commercial use. Visit Terms of Use for details and to confirm model releases (90% done).  
ISO Republic Artistic and staged photos, free for personal and commercial use. No model or property releases, some photos contain trademarked products/logos, which can affect commercial use. Photos of people not particularly diverse, some very gender-defined and sexualized. No attribution required, but preferred for commercial WordPress themes and web templates. Some prohibited uses. See Terms for exact details.  
JeShoots Public domain CC0 photos uploaded by Czech Republic photographer Jan Vasek. Search and categories available. FAQ details exact use.  
Kaboompics Free stock photos owned by Polish photographer Karolina Grabowska. Suggested credit:"Photo by Kaboompics" with link to or "Photo by Karolina Grabowska / Kaboompics" with link to Can be used commercially. Model release unknown. Search and categories available, also by color. Individual photos broken out by color palette. License & FAQ details exact use.  
Kave Wall Stock CC BY photos, images, and textures at decent low res. No search, but many categories; hi res for a fee.  
Liam's Pictures From Old Books Attribution-only license for scans from old and rare books.  
Life of Pix Public domain CC0 photos for personal and commercial use. No model releases. Can search by category or search text box. About details use. Hosted by Leery Advertising Agency in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Also provides CC0 videos at Life of Vids.  
Little Visuals Public domain CC0 photos, small collection. Sign up to get 7 hi-res images emailed weekly or scroll through site. No model releases. Images are tagged, but no search feature. Site maintained as a labor of love by family of creator.  
Looking Glass Public domain CC0 photos, personal and commercial use, relatively small collection, but photographer adds more monthly. Can search by topic. Based in Australia. Link back to site requested but not required. Terms of Use and About detail exact use. No model releases, but current collection doesn't have too many photos of people that would seem to require it. Be sure to check.  
MMT Public domain CC0 photos, personal and commercial use, small collection. Can search by topic or search text box. Attribution requested but not required. License and About detail exact use. No model releases, but current collection doesn't have photos of people.  
Magdeleine Curated collection of  CC0 and CC photos; users can upload photos also. Can select just CC0 or CC, but the CC has every license, no way to filter. Can search categories, by text, and select a dominant color in a photo's color palette. Doesn't appear to have obtained model releases. Based in Italy. Millions of crowd-sourced CC BY-SHARE ALIKE geotagged photos. Photos captured walking, riding, or panorama using app. Visit How It Works for details. Used in OpenStreetMap, an open data editable world street map.  
Mayang's Free Textures Personal and commercial use; based in Britain.  
Metropolitan Museum of Art Public domain CC0 search of museum works. Click Public Domain checkbox in Show Only section. Can also search using Creative Commons search. Attribution required and available as text or HTML. Some available at Internet Archive Metropolitan Museum of Art - Gallery Images.
Morguefile Personal and commercial use of hi-res stock and reference images all under standard license that allows remix, commercial use, and to combine photos with other content. No attribution required provided you alter the image. Model release information, if any, is on the photographer's account page. Sign up for free account.    
Negative Space Swiss-based site of public domain CC0 photos. Can search by category, color, or copy space position. Some photos available in camera raw. Model releases unclear. License details exact use.  
New Old Stock Volunteer-uploaded or website owner-uploaded public domain or no known copyright restrictions photos from Flickr's The Commons collections. To download, be sure to click caption link to open Flickr and not host's Tumblr page so you can determine full usage and attribution information from owner. Be very diligent on this site. No search, no tags.  
New York City Municipal Archives Online Gallery Nearly 900,000 photos, video, audio, and maps for personal use only. Embed or create presentations from the site.  
New York Public Library Digital Collections NYPL Public domain collections CC0  works. To search for public domain, enter a search term, then click the Search only public domain materials check box. Optional (but recommended) credit line: From the New York Public Library. Can also search using Creative Commonsearch  
Noctua Graphics Personal use, other uses unclear; based in Germany.  
Northwestern Univ. WWII Poster Collection Public domain scans of posters. Attribution required. Personal and nonprofit use.  
Open Photo Personal and commercial use for Web/multimedia; images with Creative Commons licenses.  
Pexels Public domain CC0 photos uploaded by contributors. Search by category, text, and tags. Various sizes, including hi res available upon request. Attribution not required. No model releases. License details exact use.  
PD Photo,org Public domain (majority) and copyrighted images.  
Photo Library - Copyright Free Images may be used for any purpose but other photo libraries. Based in Britain  
PhotoPin Searches Flickr Creative Commons licenses; can filter for commercial. HOWEVER, it does not distinguish between CC licenses, so be sure to check what it pulls, such as CC BY-NO DERIVATIVE or CC BY-SHARE ALIKE.  
PhotoRack Free to use for personal and commercial projects; no search function but separated into fairly granular categories. Terms of Use details exact use. Doesn't appear to have been updated much since 2007. Business, wedding, people, lifestyle stock photos not at all diverse.  
Photo Repository Personal and non-commercial use. Public domain CC0 photos uploaded by the site's owner. Search by category, text, and tags. Hi res photos available upon request. No model releases. Disclaimer details exact use. Photos free to use commercially by Czech Republic photographer Viktor Hanáček. Full search by category, key word, and tags. Attribution or link back to suggested. See FAQ and Terms for exact use. No model release, but no recognizable models. Premium subscription provides additional hi-res photos.  
Picography Free to use commericially. Small subset of premium image collection from Ireland-based web design company. Educational use only.  
Pictures NOW! Personal and limited educational; commercial for license fee.  
Pixabay Public domain CC0 images uploaded by members. Users must perform their own trademark, model release, and property release research. The blog and Terms of Use detail exact use. Their Editor's Choice pages are fantastic.  
Public Domain Archive Public domain images, all licensed CC0. No model releases stated. Provides both search and categories. Terms and Conditions details exact use. Public domain images uploaded by members. Link back suggested. Note that no model or property releases have been obtained.  
Public-Domain-Photos Public domain images, many from No model releases stated. Provides both search and categories.  
Rijksmuseum Museum (Netherlands) Public domain CC0 search of museum works. Enter keywords in search box. Search results for paintings includes the work's color scheme. Photographs include citation information. Can also search using Creative Commonsearch  
Singing Fish Search engine that locates video files with varying copyright protections.  
Snapwiresnaps Subset of stock photo site. Curated collection of user-submitted CC0 stock images (no attribution required). Hi-res downloads, search based on photographer's tags, which are not visible. You can manually search through the pages, or search with expanded and repeated searches. No model release information. Amazing microscopic photos of snowflakes, frost, and things snow crystal. Personal use, blog use with link back, contact for commercial use. Copyright Questions details use.  
Startup Stock Photos Provides a library of “startup-focused” CC0 stock images (no attribution required). No search or categories, no model releases obtained. Free to use set of stock images (some hi res) from fee-based Royalty-free license allows commercial use, but you must sign up for free account and provide attribution and/or link back to website. For print materials, the license is good for 10,000 copies. Applies only to non-watermarked images. Check FAQ and Terms and Conditions (particulary the Royalty-free License section) very carefully, and contact them if you are unclear. Tens of thousands of images, some PD, but mainly with CC BY and CC BY-SHARE ALIKE licenses from Stock images of people are notably not diverse. Search and categories availablr. Click on image to view license and attribution information on original site. FAQ and Terms of Service detail exact use.  
StockPhotos For Free Free stock photos from hi res still frames for commercial & personal use; used to guide users to subscription-based videoblocks, which is where these images originate  
Stocksnap Curated collection of user-submitted CC0 public domain stock images (no attribution required). Hi-res downloads, search based on photographer's tags, so expand and repeat searches. About details exact use. Model releases do not appear to have been obtained.  
StockVault Personal & non-commercial only; be aware of barely distinguishable ad results with links to Shutterstock. Terms of Use details exact use.  
Sunipix Copyright-protected low-res images and vector art provided by the Abraham Thomas Foundation. Personal and commercial use allowed, can purchase hi-res. FAQ details specific (and generous) commercial uses of low-res images.  
Superfamous Studios CC BY images on website only of Dutch designer Folklert Gorter. Note that links for downloading hi-res goes to Flickr where images are licensed ©. Images tagged, but no search function.  
Tookapic Polish site offering a large collection of user-uploaded photos free for commercial use. Users must link back to and attribute to "©’s Member Name". Link to Free photos available after every search. Cannot use as part of a logo or trademark. Uploaders verify model releases and other rights.  Licensing details exact use, particularly for photos of recognizable individuals.
Unprofound Uploaded photos free for commercial use, but not updated in a few years. Can search by color. No model releases. FAQ details exact use.
Collection of unique hi-res CC0 stock photos. No attribution required, commercial use allowed. Sign up to receive 10 photos every 10 days or browse site. No tags or search. License details exact use.  
Unsplash CC0 public domain hi-res photos. Credit requested ("Photo by X") but not required. FAQ and License detail exact use. Photographers are responsible for model releases.  
Utopia Portrait Gallery Public domain images from the University of Texas-Austin.  
Wikimedia Commons Personal and commercial open use images, music, sound & video clips; Creative Commons and GNU Free Documentation licenses or images are in public domain. Also recommend rigorous review of work before commercial use. Most CC licenses are CC BY-SHARE ALIKE. Does not appear that photographers obtained model releases. Can also search using "public domain" or "PD."  
WorldImages Nonprofit and educational use with attribution license.  
WOCinTech Chat Hundreds of awesome photos of mainly women of color showing a different representation of all women in tech: entrepreneurs, software engineers, infosec professionals, IT analysts, and marketers. All CC BY images on Flickr, model releases obtained. Project of Women in Color in Tech Chat.  
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