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Links for MART 189 Copyright and Media

In Class

(1) Compare Culver's and Steak & Shake ads - copyright infringement?

Public Domain - Photos & Video

Library of Congress – www.loc.gov
   Search the Collections: 

  • Digital Collections - Search for something of interest. MART majors: Find and search Popular Graphic Arts
  • (1) Type Panoramic Photos in Search Loc.gov text box  2) click Panoramic Photos in the search results  3) Type your home town or state in the Search Loc.gov text box
  •  Compare original art deco Works Projects Admin posters from 1936-43 with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Visions of the Future.

(1) Scientific partners, e.g. Goddard  http://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/vis/a010000/a010800/a010869/
(2) GRIN  http://grin.hq.nasa.gov/ 

National Gallery of Art

Flickr - The Commons – www.flickr.com

    - Click Explore on the Menu bar, then click The Commons http://www.flickr.com/commons/institutions/

Creative Commons   creativecommons.org

Photos - CC & Similar - What about the need for a model release?

Flickr Creative Commons Search   http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/ /

Morguefile  Morguefile.com 

Freeimages  www.freeimages.com/

Video & Film
YouTube, Vimeo, Internet Archive, SpinXpress, Flickr - Search for Creative Commons video
Internet Archivehttp://archive.org/
         Click Moving Images/Prelinger Archives commercials, government, all sorts
Pond5 Public Domain Project  - Vintage and historic images, sound, and video from Library of Congress, Nat'l Archives  http://www.pond5.com/free


Incompetech search Royalty Free

Dig CC Mixter



Tribe of Noise

Sound & Loops

The Free Sound Project



Imagecodr.com Click Get code!, paste URL from Flickr photo page.

In contrast to easy...

CC Search Engines - Flickr API Apps for CC
Generally not recommended, although Behold & Compfight are not bad)

Behold http://www.behold.cc/

Compfight  http://www.compfight.com/

Flickrstorm   http://www.zoo-m.com/flickr-storm/

Photopin  http://photopin.com/

Featured smaller, boutique image sites

 Crow the Stone   Kozzi Freestock
 Everystockphoto   LittleVisuals 
 FreeRangeStock    Pexels  
 Getrefe     Picdrome 
 Gratisography    PLiXS 
 KaveWall    Unsplash