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Research Songs

(1) Analyze collage & copyright - copyright infringement? 

 (2) Download Beyond "Fake News" infographic.

Public Domain - Photos & Video

Library of Congress – www.loc.gov
   Search the Collections in Three Exercises: 

  1.  Is Your Past Panoramic? (1) Type Panoramic Photos in Search Loc.gov text box  2) Scroll down the left nav bar, click Panoramic Photos in the Par of sections  3) Type your home town or state in the Search Loc.gov text box. What did you find?
  2.  Deconstruct and critically analyze 3-5 items in Digital Collections - search for something of interest. MART Majors: please search Popular Graphic Arts first; FILM Majors; Please search Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound division first.
  3.  Compare original art deco Works Projects Admin posters from 1936-43 with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Visions of the Future.

Scientific partners, e.g. Goddard  http://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/vis/a010000/a010800/a010869/

National Gallery of Art

Flickr - The Commons – www.flickr.com

    - Click Explore on the Menu bar, then click The Commons http://www.flickr.com/commons/institutions/

Creative Commons   creativecommons.org

Photos - CC & Similar - What about the need for a model release?

Flickr Creative Commons Search   http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/

Morguefile  Morguefile.com 

Freeimages  www.freeimages.com/

Video & Film
YouTube, Vimeo, Internet Archive, SpinXpress, Flickr - Search for Creative Commons video
Internet Archivehttp://archive.org/
         Click Moving Images/Prelinger Archives commercials, government, all sorts
Pond5 Public Domain Project  - Vintage and historic images, sound, and video from Library of Congress, Nat'l Archives  http://www.pond5.com/free


Incompetech search Royalty Free

Dig CC Mixter



Tribe of Noise

Sound & Loops

The Free Sound Project



Imagecodr.org Click Get code!, paste URL from Flickr photo page.

Not good resources...

CC Search Engines - Flickr API Apps for CC
Generally not recommended, although Behold & Compfight are not bad)

Compfight  http://www.compfight.com/

Flickrstorm   http://www.zoo-m.com/flickr-storm/

Photopin  http://photopin.com/